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    G-Speaker Smart Station™

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    G-Speaker Smart Station™

    Smart Sound Machine:

    Your best self starts with your best sleep. Smart sound machine with Bluetooth speakers, connect your phone, you can create your own customary sleep aid. White noise to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.


    Sunrise Wake-Up Light:

    Wake-up light simulates nature in your own bedroom. Gently wake up in the morning by the sunrise alarm clock and wake up light. Wake-up light gradually turns on from 0% to 100% brightness. The process is 3 minutes long making it easier for your body to acclimate getting up, leaving you feeling more energetic to start a new and wonderful day!


    Alarm Clock for Bedroom:

    Alarm Clock works great with heavy sleepers for either adults or kids. Intelligent push-button adjustment design. 12/24-hour mode can be switched with ease. LED digital display with moderate brightness will not sting the eyes and can be turned off completely.

    Night Light & Bedside Lamp:


    The G-Speaker Smart Station™ is equipped with fast charging pad for your phone to sit on overnight and stay charged! 
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