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    Weighted Dinosaur™

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    Introducing the Super Soft Weighted Dinosaur Plush! This adorable dinosaur plush is made with the softest materials, making it perfect for snuggling and cuddling. 
    The plush features a weighted design that mimics the sensation of a warm hug, providing a sense of comfort and security. The dinosaur shape is perfect for kids and adults alike, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves dinosaurs.

    Benefits of The Weighted Plush

    Reduces Stress and Increases Serotonin

    Applying a comforting weight has been proven to reduce stress, and increase focus.

    Fall Asleep Faster

    Nothing beats falling asleep with a hug from our weighted plushies! You'll fall asleep faster than ever before.

    A Perfect Gift for Someone You Love

    Our Weighted Plushies are the perfect gift for a family member or friend. We promise they'll never forget it!

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